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Our team of tax professionals will work on your behalf to get every one of your hard earned dollars returned from your taxes. Contact us now to get started.


Accuracy matters when it comes to taxes, we will not miss a single one of your dollars.

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You work hard for your money and we know that. Our professional team knows how to get you the most of your return.


Don't wait forever for your tax return, we will get your tax return back to your quickly.


We are available for any questions or comments you have about your taxes and we are ready to help at all times.

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We are Here to Do Your Taxes RIGHT.

Our dedicated professional tax team will pursue every avenue possible to get your every dollar back in your tax returns. Let our skills work for you today!

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Arnetta Feimster

Arnetta Feimster

CEO and Founder of Prime Tax Solutions

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Tax Returns

Get your tax refunds quickly. Not only that but get as much money back as you possibly can with every cent accounted for.

Tax Auditing support

Have questions about how much you should be putting away for taxes or need general tax-related advice regarding Tax Audits? Call Now!

1099 returns

1099 Consultant Returns are something a lot of self-employed individuals deal with, let us help you through the process and get the tax write-offs you deserve for your hard-work. 


We know the hassle of keeping track of papers, this is why we streamline the process. Using E-Filing, we can now file your taxes online!

We can get your taxes done right! Here at Prime Tax Solutions, we care about our customers.

One thing we are passionate about here at Prime Tax Solutions, is making sure your taxes are done correctly.  We treat your money like our own.

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We are here for your tax needs.


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Loyal Customer

I have had my taxes prepared by A&R Tax Service for the past couple years and I’m very satisfied with the fast friendly service and I was able to get back the maximum amount allowed.

Mario Grant

Awesome service! Quick and efficient and great customer service.

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